Indespensable Rafi saab

Indespensable Rafi saab

RAFI saab was indispensable even during his lean time. When he came from Haj he was told singing is not good for Haji. A god fearing man that was went to London to his son. During that phase one super star ruled the film industry. HE decided that some other singer will sing his all songs but the other singer he was referring to was a great singer no doubt but not a complete singer. That super star had to lean on Rafi saab for this song. RAFi saab was only complete singer then and even today. He could sing any range of song this was known to all MD’s. This song is a perfect example to prove my point. Another Title song “Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka” was sung by the other singer but composer felt something is missing Called Rafi saab and Re recorded that song in his voice. Another song “Zindagi toh Bewafa hai” sad version Music directors went to Rafi saab and requested him saying only he could bring these pathos needed. This was the Lean Phase of RAFi saab and composers kept on coming to him for difficult songs. What I am trying to say is that if ever a singer Possessed the whole range It was he only. The greatest singer The complete singer in all aspects Who ever came on the earth.


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2 thoughts on “Indespensable Rafi saab

  1. No singer born in India like Mohammed Rafi.He was the last word in rendition,perfection,versatility easinessand voice quality.He was beyond all definitions and perceptions

  2. Mujhe dard e dil ka patha na tha
    What a graceful song.He rendered it with such a lasting feel .Every word he puts in an octave each ascending and going up continuously and then coming down.Astonishing rendition

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